First grade e-learning Week of 4/6-4/10

    Follow the schedule below as closely as possible

    Check DOJO Daily

    Check and Respond to Flipgrid Daily (Additional Activities may be posted on Flipgrid)

    Log ATTENDANCE for your child each day


    ELA: Journeys

    Writing Personal Narrative:

    This week we will focus on writing a personal narrative. Our topic will be to write a time you went on an “Easter Egg Hunt” (if you have not gone an Easter Egg hunt you may write about something fun you have done to celebrate Easter)


    Prewriting: Journeys Writing Handbook pg. 50-51: Jot down your ideas and organize your events in sequential order, think about who, what and where your Egg Hunt took place.


    MATH Chapter 8

    Review and Practice Chapter 8 Tomorrow you will be taking a Chapter 8 Math Test on https://www-k6.thinkcentral.com/ePC/start.do 

    SOCIAL STUDIES: Where We Live (magazine)


    Read the pages and respond on Flipgrid

    Living Near Water

    Read pages 6-7

    1. How are lakes, rivers, and oceans different?


    Read pages 8-9

    1. Give one example of a resource and how people use it.



    ELA: Journeys

    Writing Personal Narrative:

    Begin writing your personal narrative about “Easter Egg Hunt”. This will be your first draft.

    (to review the writing process you may want to re-read pages 10-11)

    Drafting/Revising: Journeys Writing Handbook pg. 52-53:

    MATH Chapter 8 Test

    Go to https://www-k6.thinkcentral.com/ePC/start.do take test and submit


    SOCIAL STUDIES: Where We Live (magazine)


    Read the pages below and respond to topic on Flipgrid


    Read pages 10-11

    1. What do wind turbines do?

    Reduce, Recycle, Reuse

    Read pages 12-13

    1. Give two examples how we can conserve resources.



    ELA: Journeys


    Writing Personal Narrative:

    Continue working on your draft, revise and edit. Be sure to add details that tell who was with you, what did you do, when and where your Egg hunt took place. You should be writing this using the past tense, so when you edit and revise all your verbs should be in the past. Prepare your Final Draft for publishing tomorrow.


    SOCIAL STUDIES: Where We Live (magazine)


    Read the pages below and respond on Flipgrid

    Our Big Country

    Read pages 14-15

    1. How would living in a hot place affect what people wear and what they do for fun?

    Our Big World

    Read pages 16-17

    1. Name one place people live in the world and tell how this place affects how they live?




    Writing Personal Narrative:

    Prepare your final draft and present in flip grid. Write your Final Draft on a sperate paper you can decorate your Final Draft with Easter eggs and Easter Bunnies (optional)




    Using and Saving Resources:

    Find something in your home that would end up in the trash. Think of a way you can REUSE this item. Ex. REUSE an empty soup can to make a pencil holder. Head over to flipgrid to show off your ideas.


    Learning about Easter:

    Easter is a very important holiday for us. Watch the video posted on Flipgrid and respond to the topic.


    Friday: No School


    Have a Blessed Easter. Stay Healthy and Safe.





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