• Social Studies with Mrs. Vasilopoulos  

     Academic excellence can only be achieved with persistence and dedication.  During the year, each student will learn facts, expand knowledge, think historically, write effectively, and analyze accordingly.  Through our interactive activities, students will have the opportunity to become active members of a living history.  Our class will be an exciting journey and adventure where our students will become the protagonists and stars.  Throughout the lessons, they will take on different roles and perspectives as they become journalists, authors, artists, and citizens living in various places during different eras.  In this way, students will remain engaged and better understand the people who lived and made history.  Bringing history alive is an integral element of learning and making history relatable for all students.  All this will be fulfilled in the midst of lasting friendships and respectful collaboration within a nurturing environment that inspires learning, instills values, and builds character.

    Let's have a great journey through History!