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    Saint Demetrios Preparatory believes that language is the basis of human relationship and communication. Multi-lingualism is essential in an ever-changing, global society, and it opens the door to opportunities.  Proficiency in a foreign language demands the ability to communicate purposefully, while appreciating contemporary and classical cultures in an intercultural population.Students will be enabled to communicate with native speakers of that language and to understand other cultures better. 

    Greek History

    This course will survey the history of ancient Greece from the Minoan civilization in the second millennium BC to the end of the Classical Period in the 4th century BC. We will investigate the major political, intellectual, economic and social factors that contributed to the nature and development of Greek history. We will pay particular attention to the Golden Age of Athens in the 5th century BC and its relations with the Persian Empire, Sparta and the other Greek city-states. Also, we will look at the many political and cultural institutions that combined to make this age unique. Finally, the course will close with the Greek's efforts to cope with the rising power of Macedon.
    Greek Civilization
    This course will survey the major achievements of ancient Greek civilization. Arranged on a roughly chronological basis, the readings and lectures will move from the epic poetry of Greece's heroic Bronze Age, through the great intellectual innovations of the Archaic Age, to the Classical era dominated by the contrasting contributions of Sparta and Athens.