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SUNY Application Checklist


    Apply online at http://www.suny.edu/

    There are TWO parts to the SUNY application:

    Part 1: General Undergraduate Application--asks for general personal information, school choices, payment, etc. This section also requires that the following materials be sent by the College Office:

     1. Official high school transcript— Your transcript can be obtained in the College Office.   If you attended a high school other than Saint Demetrios, you must have that transcript sent as well. You may request a copy of this transcript from your guidance counselor if you do not have one.

     2. SUNY School Counselor Form—This form is available online when you complete the first part of the SUNY application. It should be pre-printed with your personal information. If, for some reason, you cannot access the pre-printed form, you may download a blank copy of it. This form must be brought to the College Office.

     3. A stamped envelope addressed to:

                                         The State University of New York

                                          Application Services Center

                                          P.O. Box 22007

                                          Albany, NY 12201-2007


     4. A stamped envelope addressed to EACH SUNY college to which you have applied.

     5. Payment—You may submit your payment online using a credit or debit card, or you may send a check or money order through the mail. Remember, it costs $50.00 to apply to EACH SUNY college. If you are eligible for a fee waiver, you may apply for up to FOUR SUNY colleges for free. Fee waivers are available in the College Office and will be distributed when you bring in your transcript request form and SUNY counselor form.


     1.        The return address on each envelope must be Saint Demetrios, 30-03 30th Drive, Astoria New York, 11102. In addition, you must provide sufficient postage for each envelope (at least two 48 cent stamps for the smaller envelopes, and four 48 cent stamps for the larger envelopes).

    2.        You must have your SAT and/or ACT scores sent directly from the testing agency (either http://www.collegeboard.com/ for the SAT, or http://www.actstudent.org/ for the ACT) to each SUNY college to which you are applying. Do this as soon as possible, so there are no delays in processing your application.

     Special Requirements for Binghamton and Stony Brook:

    Binghamton and Stony Brook require that you self-report your transcript information through a program called STARS. Visit each college’s website for more information about how to do this.



    Part 2: Supplements

    After submitting Part 1 of the SUNY application, you will need to complete a supplement for CERTAIN SUNY colleges. You should receive notification (as well as a User ID and Password) directly from each college that requires a supplement.

     The supplement includes:

    *An essay (that is completed online).

    *Teacher letters of recommendation (which will be sent by the College Office). Each SUNY school may have its own teacher recommendation cover sheet which must be brought to the College Office as well. These forms may be found on each college’s website. In addition, you must provide the College Office with stamped envelopes addressed to each college that requires letters of recommendation.

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