College Application Instructions



    SAT, SAT Subject and/or ACT:  You can send your standardized test scores to your college choices directly from your College Board or ACTstudent account.  Just click,Send Scores at registration time, and you will be able to send scores to 4 colleges for free!.  Tip:  Six CUNY colleges count as one school if you use Code 2950.
    CUNY:  Apply on  Set up a CUNY Portal account, and complete the application.  Remember: you are an applicant--not a student. 

    • HS Transcript:  Request your HS transcript.  You will receive a CUNY "W" number.
      • Foreign Transcript or Private School Transcript:  Submit your Document Return Receipt to the College Office with a copy of your transcript


    • Letters of Recommendation & Essay are optional. Check the individual school's Application Checklist.  If the school recommends you send them:
      • Letters:  Submit your Document Return Receipt to the College Office, and check off or write in what you want sent.
      • Essay:  Copy & paste onto individual school site.  You may also mail in by using the Document Return Receipt
      • SAT/ACT Scores:  Send from College Board or your ACTstudent account.  You can also submit your Document Return Receipt to the College Office.
      • SEEK Form: Submit Document Return Receipt to College Office. Attach SEEK Form.

    SUNY:  Apply on  You do not have to complete the SOAR report.     After you complete the application, you can fill out the Supplementary Part II if you need to submit any of the following:   

    •  Transcript:  After you submit your application, your name will appear on a list our College Counselors can see on the SUNY Portal. Submit the SUNY Document Receiptto the College Office, & they will send your transcript electronically.
      • Foreign Transcript or Private School Transcript:  Submit with Supplementary.


    • Letters of Recommendation:  Sent electronically by counselors. Your teachers should email your letters to the College Counselors.
    • SAT/ACT Scores:  Send from your College Board account or ACTstudent account.
    • SUNY Fee Waiver:  If you qualify, click, I have a fee waiver, & submit your application.  You can download the Waiver Request Form from SUNY's website or pick one up from the College Office.
    • EOP:  Indicate your interest in EOP on your SUNY application.  Campuses will often request additional documentation once your application has been received.   
    • If you used the Common App, call the school you applied to & tell them you want to be considered EOP.
    • Counselor Form:  Not necessary to submit.

     You can also apply to some SUNY colleges on the Common Application.

    COMMON APPLICATION:  Apply for SUNY schools or private colleges & universities.  You can set up an account at

    • Transcript, Letters of Recommendation & Evaluation, School Report,HS Profile, etc: Match your commonapp account with your Naviance account. Complete the Education page within the Common App first, then complete the FERPA waiver.The FERPA question is found within the 'Assign Recommenders' tab of the application and the 'release authorization' link must be checked with the FERPA decision.

      Students can only see the 'Assign Recommenders' tab once at least one school is added to the account.

        Students must add "other recommenders" through the Common App.  

     If your college or university uses this processing service, print out their Transcript Request Form & submit it to the College Office.  
    Individual College's Website:  If you apply directly through a college's website, simply submit their Transcript Request Form to the College Office so that we can send:

    • Public HS, Foreign or Private HS Transcript:  via email or regular mail.  
    • Letters of Recommendation: Your teacher will email letter to your College Advisor