•  Academics

    Elementary School

    Saint Demetrios sets high standards for personal responsibility and places an emphasis on intellectual curiosity, integrity, and respect for others. Across academic disciplines, Saint Demetrios Prep exists to provide an educational program of the highest standard that empowers all students to achieve personal and academic excellence while developing their full potential as responsible, productive citizens.

    Grades 1-5

    Our School program empowers children to develop skills, knowledge, and strategies for learning and questioning throughout their education. Students build a strong academic base while also pursuing emerging interests and developing the identities they will have as lifelong learners.

    Students follow an academic program to prepare them for Middle School and our college-preparatory High School. Students pursue academic excellence in a well-rounded program that includes reading, writing, language arts (spelling, handwriting, grammar), mathematics, science, health, social studies, Modern Greek, technology, art, music, physical education, and library studies. Expert teachers, small class sizes, and engaging inquiry-based methodologies, helping to advance each child's ability to think analytically and creatively. 

    The curriculum is a challenging, developmentally appropriate, and includes many opportunities for inquiry-based and hands-on experiences. SInce children learn and work at varying rates, our curriculum is designed to engage students at different levels.

    Reading/Language Arts

    Reading and language arts are presented through a research based reading program, which incorporates spelling, grammar, and writing instruction. Weekly writing assignments help students to apply skills they are learning and to practice written expression. The Writing program is taught throughout the grades and gives a strong framework for their writing skills. Vocabulary, phonics, and comprehension skills, such as text structure, main idea, author’s purpose, and comparing and contrasting are further developed at these levels, building a foundation for successful reading and writing.


    3rd grade develops an understanding of multiplication, division and strategies for multiplication and division within one hundred. Students also develop an understanding of fractions, especially unit fractions (fractions with numerator of one)  Students begin to analyze two-dimensional shapes.

    4th grade works toward mastery of multiplication of two-digit numbers, long division, decimals and fraction concepts, and measurement. They are given an introduction to algebra and apply all skills as they learn the critical thinking needed for problem solving.

    5th grade concepts and skills are expanded and all operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) for whole numbers, decimals, and fractions are learned. Geometric formulas, proportion, ratio, and percent are all part of the curriculum.


    3rd-5th grade science includes topics from both life and physical science. Experiments and investigation enhance students understanding and stir their curiosity. Life science concepts such as cells, classification concepts, and ecosystems, and physical science concepts such as elements and motion are explored.

    Social Studies

    3rd grade focuses on geography skill and countries. 4th grade social studies focuses on local and New York State geography, government, economics, and history. The 5th grade expands their view to studying these same aspects of the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Maps, multi-media materials, individual white boards, and projects engage them in learning.

    Modern Greek

    Students receive instruction through the use of the audio-lingual approach. Conversation, verbal and written exercises, listening comprehension, and lessons are incorporated in an engaging and participatory classroom environment for student learning. Elementary students learn vocabulary and sentence structure, with emphasis placed on pronunciation and self-expression.


    Students in the Elementary School begin religious instruction with a focus on the Ten Commandments, Sacraments, Liturgy, Bible study. This prepares the students to practice their faith with a deeper understanding. The students participate in prayer services and Liturgy.

    Physical Education / Health 

    The Curriculum is based on NYSED. Topics include: Vocabulary and Elements to Improve Performance, Proficiency in movement, manipulative skills, Health enhancing individual fitness, Personal  responsibility, positive social  interaction, and respect for diversity in physical activity settings, Personal  health skills and overall wellness (healthy eating habits, physical  activity, detection  of health problems), Substances:  How they change your body, Safety precautions to personal injuries, Peer  pressure and Communication skills.

    *Grades 3-5

    The skills students have mastered in earlier grades are now being applied to higher levels of thinking. Students in grades 3 and 5 take the New York State tests in English language arts and mathematics, as well as science in grade 4. Skills and concepts are presented and reinforced through careful instruction, practice, and hands-on activities. The use of Smart Boards, an interactive technology resource, further enhances instruction.