• Kindergarten eLearning week

     4/6 - 4/10



    ELA and Reading Journeys Unit 5, Lesson 23.



    #1 on Flipgrid : ELA + SCIENCE. Read aloud story(video) 

    #2 on flipgrid : Phonemic awareness/ phonics.

                         Letter Ee.

     -on Thinkcentral: Under things to do/assignments you will find the “words to know”. Please read and pronounce each word.

    -Readers notebook complete page. 48

    #3. on Flipgrid: Math Lesson 9.9  complete lesson and homework pages. (Book) 



    #1 on flipgrid: Big Book: Zinnia's Flower Garden. (complete page 50 in readers notebook)

    #2 on flipgrid: Practice the words to know. (complete in readers notebook page 47)

    #3 on Thinkcentral: Math lesson 9.9 complete Interactive lesson and personal math trainer. ( In order for the assignment/Homework to be marked as completed, you must complete both , orange and red whistel, personal math traners. Only then the assignment will dissapear from your board.)



    #1  on flipgrid :Student Book.  Go t  Thinkcentral and read (book 2, unit 5, lesson23) the story “My Pet Dog” (decodable text) AND  complete HW pages 46 and 49.  

    #2 on flipgrid : Math lesson 9.10 complete lesson and hw pgs. (GoMath book ) 



    #1 on flipgrid: Complete page 51 in your readers notebook and learn all about Proper nouns (Days and Months)

    #2 on Thinkcentral: Complete "My write Smart- Lesson 23".

    #3 on Thinkcentral: Math Lesson 9.10 complete Interactive lesson and personal math trainer.  ( In order for the assignment/Homework  to be marker as completed, you must complete both, orange and red whistel, personal math trainers. Only then the assignment will dissapear from your board.)


    Friday: --No School.--









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Kindergarten Curriculum

  • St. Demetrios Elementary School’s major goal is to help your child become comfortable in school and with the learning process.  They will learn to get along with others, follow rules, and acquire the basic skills by completing common core standards in all subject areas. 


    Math:  Go Math      Reading/Language: Journeys     Science: Fusion    SS:  Time for Kids



    *Students will recognize upper and lower case letters.

    * Students will be introduced to nouns (plural and singular), verbs and adjectives                             

     *Students will understand and use question words   (interrogatives, e.g., who, what, where, when, why, how)

    * Students will learn the sounds of each letter in order to begin read and spell simple words         

       phonetically, drawing on knowledge  of sound letter relationships and vowels sounds

     *Students will recognize frequently used sight words

    * Students will begin midyear to take spelling tests and learn sentence structure.



    * Students will count, recognize and compare numbers 1-100

    *Students will be able to complete simple addition and subtraction facts ex:  4+1 = 5

    * Geometry:  Students will identify, draw, sort, and classify two and three dimensional shapes.  *Measurement and Data: Students will describe and compare measureable attributes.

    *Math vocabulary will be introduced and used in each chapter.



    *Students will be introduced to different concepts such as; Five senses, weather, landforms,  natural resources, and life cycles. 



    *Students will be introduced to community helpers, maps, holidays, symbols, Etc.



    Math: Students will have a test once each chapter is complete.

    ELA: Listening Comprehension and Spelling Test on word families.

    Science: Students will have a test at the end of each unit. 


    GREEK  -  2  Periods a day


    Special classes incorporated during the week are as follows:

    Greek Dance    Greek Music       Gym       Computers    Art      Church