Pre School 5

    June Newsletter

    Students will be introduced to “Summer Words” by Belk Moncure.  Our class will create a beach ball and a slice of watermelon following their introduction to the season’s words in “Word Bird’s house”.

    Students will be exposed to the weird and wonderful world of bugs and the three tips to help them get over their fears. 1. Observe, 2. Nurture, 3. Bee calm.  Students will share the sounds of the season.  What sounds like summer to you?  Our students will make a special Father’s Day project.

    We will be concluding with the alphabet letters Y and Z.  We have started the ball rolling with the learning foundation and confidence development needed to learn about the relationship between Alphabet letters and simple sounds and the concept of identifying numbers and quantification.

    Friday, June 12, Last Day for Pre-School