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    *Please bookmark this website. It will be full of information these new few weeks.*



    Each day (Monday-Friday) you should be signing in to our classroom. You can do so through the "ATTENDANCE" tab on the side. Simply enter your child's name and mark "present," before 3PM.



    Here is the newsletter for April 6th-April 10th. This will also be posted on Dojo. 

    Newsletter for April 6th-10th


    This is a helpful weekly checklist you can either print, or "Make a Copy" to save digitally by going to "File" and "Make a Copy.":

    Weekly Checklist




    Math Test will be Thursday, April 9th on Think Central

    Students can use the Review on Think Central & also the pages at the back of their workbooks to study.

    Here is the slideshow for chapter 9: Chapter 9 Review



    All Math Lessons will be posted on Think Central. Each Math lesson is broken down into two days-worth of work.

    Day 1 of the Lesson
    -**Day 1, Part 1: Lesson Intro on Think Central
    -Day 1, Part 2: Lesson Classwork pages in workbook

    Day 2 of the Lesson:
    -Day 2, Part 1: Lesson Homework pages in workbook
    -Day 2, Part 2: Lesson Math packet pages (reteach) in Chapter math packet
    -**Day 2, Part 3 Assessment on Think Central

    Please make sure you turn in the work with the ** next to it, the assignment should disappear from your TO DO list once completed.









    Daily Writing Prompts can be found on the "Weekly Checklist."

    Please choose at least two of your responses and post a video of you reading it onto Flip Grid by Sunday. You must also respond to at least one of your classmates writing prompts.




    There will be no spelling/vocabulary this week.


    There will be spelling/vocabulary assignments posted on: Spelling City

    **Your log-in is the same as your Think Central.




    Unit 3 Science Test: Wednesday, April 8th on Think Central

    Here is a jeopardy game based off review pages 145-148: Science: Unit 3 Jeopardy Review Game




    Amazing Inventions Test can be found here:Amazing Inventions Test

    The weekly reading will be based out of the:"Amazing Inventions" Booklet







    Math Games/Extra Practice (More resources can be found on Think Central):

    Fraction Strips

    How Can I find an Equivalent Fraction?

    Equivalent Fractions- Educational Galaxy

    Equivalent Fractions: Number Rock

    Comparing Fractions Video

    Times Tables

    Splash Math

    Khan Academy

    Education Galaxy

    Prodigy Math



    Additional Activities/Videos:

    Mystery Doug

    Go Noodle 

    Cosmic Kids Yoga

    Fun Daily Activities